こんにちわ! My name is Brad and thank you for joining me. I am a USAF Veteran who has recently moved to Tokyo for school at Temple University, Japan Campus. I love to travel and am a bit of an amateur photographer, I love to shoot landscapes and nature mainly..and food of course. I’ve always had a rampant love of all things Japanese; food, anime, culture. But it wasn’t until my last year in the Air Force that I took a trip here and fell completely in love. As soon as I separated the military I put into motion applying to school here and its been nothing but good news since then. This blog will mostly be used for my day to day experiences, travel, new foods I try, and any other seemingly out of the ordinary things that might happen to me as I try to survive college in a country I’m unfamiliar with. I hope you enjoy following me on this journey! ありがと!